Space-grade innovation. Proven technologies. Lowest cost of energy.

Combined Heat and Power Solutions

QUADSUN systems embody several breakthroughs in optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, power electronics and tracking algorithms. These innovations help deliver low cost reliable solar energy in the form of heat, power or both, translating into unique solutions like electricity and hot water from a single system.

Maximum Conversion Efficiency

The high reflectivity and precise parabolic mirrors combined with very efficient receivers maximize conversion of sunlight. The power receiver uses 33% efficient cells and the next generation cells are already breaching 40% efficiency. The hot water solution has a unique design that allows benchmark heat rate transfers from the receiver to the medium that needs to be heated.

Reliability, Long Life and Trouble Free Operation

QUADSUN uses commercial designs and materials that have proven their longevity of life in several applications. QUADSUN has additionally tested all its components over several thousand hours to ensure trouble free clean power.

Low Footprint, Minimal Space Requirement

QUADSUN systems need close to only half the space required to generate the same amount of energy as compared to other technologies. A low footprint is the outcome of tracking the sun using high efficiency cells.

More Power and Maximum Energy Generation

Tracking the sun like a sunflower allows us to gather and convert more sun to energy. On a good day, QUADSUN can produce up to 70% more energy than other solar technologies. The high efficiency combined with tracking, means the system is always pointing at the sun, gathering the most of the sun’s rays and converting it power.